Wandering Jew Houseplant

Wandering Jew houseplants are considered one of the easiest plants to grow by many.  It is beautiful plant that thrives hanging in a basket in a nice sunny corner of your room.  The wandering Jew houseplant looks very similar to it’s cousin plant, the spiderwort. 

They both have stalkless pointed leaves and long trailing stems.  A wandering Jew houseplant can be very beautiful, and come in a varied array of colors.  The leaves tend to have a deep purple underbelly, with two silver stripes topside.  The stripes can also come in colors of  pink, cream or even bronze. 

The leaves are about two inches in length and very shiny.  If you are lucky, at times the wandering Jew houseplant even blooms for you. 

Care Of Your Wandering Jew:

You need a good sized pot with good drainage to plant your wandering Jew in.  Use nutrient rich soil for planting.

Keep your little wanderer in a bright comfy corner with indirect sunlight.  Temperatures should be no less than a slightly humid 55 degrees.

Keep the soil moist and watered daily.  Use a spray bottle and mist it’s leaves daily for extra moisture.

Grow your wandering Jew houseplant by feeding it diluted liquid fertilizer once a week after the roots have had time to form a good system.

Be sure each spring to re-pot your wanderer in a larger pot big enough to allow continued growth of your plant.  You must prune them very heavily to keep them young or start new plants.  Trimmings can be planted in a mixture of moist sand and soil to grow.

Please note that wandering Jew houseplants are best grown as just that… a houseplant.  Don’t make the mistake of planting it in the ground or throwing your clippings out in the yard.  They are very harder and will sprout roots just about anywhere.  They can be very difficult to get rid of, and can even kill off your other plants as they are such aggressive growers.  If you find one growing in your yard and wish to remove it, you must be sure to get every single stem and leaf you see, otherwise it WILL return!  A bit like a super plant, the wandering Jew houseplant seems resist death!