Kinds of Indoor Plant Lights

The indoor plants require sufficient quantity of light, so as to manufacture the food for their own. It is suggested to the homeowners to make use of artificial lights for their indoor plants, in order to compensate the deficiency of sunlight in the indoors. The Indoor plant lights successfully substitutes the sunlight and help the indoor plants to grow properly and survive for long time. Light is associated with varied colors that are measured via light meter. All the plants make use of sunlight to manufacture the food, as it is the natural source of light. This kind of light comprises of UVA and UVB. Sunlight is not in control of humans and hence, it is not considered to be reliable source intended for indoor plant lights. One of the artificial lights is referred as incandescent light, which is utilized for illuminating the house when electricity is absent. Such kinds of Indoor Plant Lights emit red light and can be used to provide heat to the plant.

Common Indoor Plant Lights:
A very common kind of Indoor Plant lights is the fluorescent light. These types of light are relatively cheaper as compared to the incandescent bulbs. However, fluorescent lights are very expensive to get installed when compared to bulbs. Plant growth lights are contained in the fluorescent lights specifically created for the indoor plants to help them grow properly. This is perhaps the best Indoor Plant lights that can be used for fulfilling the plant requirement of light.
HID kinds of light are expensive as compared to majority of the light available in the market for indoor plants. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, which has the capability to emit broad spectrum light required by the plants to grow. However, one disadvantage of this kind of Indoor Plant lights is the amount of heat that it generates along with the light. Excessive heat can result in the wilting of the indoor plant and even the bulbs have the likelihood of blowing apart even with a drop of water coming from the plants.


In a nutshell, the best Indoor Plant Lights are the fluorescent. At least, they are the best alternative to the natural sunlight as compared to various other forms of light that are currently available in the market. The cost of the fluorescent lights is relatively cheaper as compared to the High Intensity Discharge light and the incandescent lights. Moreover, the light that is generated from the fluorescent lights is softer as well as less destructive. They are also the best indoor plant lights owing to the fact that custom made fluorescent lights are available in the market, which are exclusively alternatives of natural sunlight.