Different Cactus Varieties

Among all other species, cactus family can be considered as the most recognizable species in the nature. This succulent cactus plant typically grows in humid and hot surroundings. Most of the Americas deserts are occupied with these kinds of cactus plants. If suppose, an individual travel to Mexico or Arizona, he can well spot the different cactus species across the desert area. These cactus varieties vary in sizes and shapes, still they all possess the characteristic spines and stems, which have made the cacti plants very much popular. Moreover, different cactus varieties have diverse abilities such as capacity to conserve the water, it can sustain as long as three hundred years even in the most dry and hot atmosphere and so on.

Some of the Different Cactus Varieties:
The major different varieties of cactus can be explained broadly as follows:
1.      Adenia: This is the one of the varieties of cacti and it belongs to the native of Eastern and Southern Africa, Madagascar, Somalia and Tanzania. Many of these different cactus varieties build a big trunk covered with vining branches. Unremarkable flowers of these cacti plants are mostly unisexual. Some of the species of these kinds are furnished with spines, whereas others are filled up with venomous sap. Hence, special care needs to be taken while pruning. These cacti plants can grow in frost-free environments, where the climatic temperature remains more than 45 degree Fahrenheit. Majority of these cacti plants are fast-growing, when supplied with sufficient quantity of water, fertilizer and warmth.
2.      Candelabra Cactus: This is one of the different cactus varieties that comprises of single, giant cactus belonging to Northwest Mexico and Southwestern United States. It is considered home to most of the birds and is very often used in movies as scenery. This kind of cactus usually found in wild forests and they bear red, edible and oval fruits. Sometimes, taking this cactus plants from the forests is regarded illegal.  
Uses of Cactus Varieties:

In olden days, people used these different cactus varieties for various purposes, such as these plants serviced the people in the way of offering food to them, mainly for those people who lived in the America deserts. People who meander into the barren region wholly relied upon these cacti, as the fleshy and watery stems of cactus varieties are edible. In modern times, uses of these diverse cactus species flourished. As certain cactus varieties are very small and thin enough to fit into a house and apartment, the cactus have been found its new way into most of the American homes and apartments. Indeed, most of the interior decorators, mainly in United States use these different cactus species in their designing. Many plant nurseries, which are selling exotic different cactus varieties are earning fairly well from these cactus plants.