Description of flowering cactus

Flowering cactus are ornamental in nature and beautify the surroundings where they are present. There are various species of flowering cacti such as Pereskiodeae, Barrel, Hedgehog, Pincushion, Prickly pear and Holiday cactus. Theses species develop dense flowers and are easy to grow. These plants either bloom during day or at night. But, most of them are night bloomers and give sweet fragrance. They usually grow in dry, arid regions. Because of their adaptive and easy growing nature, they have high survival ability.

  1. Barrel cacti: These types of flowering cactus includes, Golden barrel cactus whose body is barrel shaped with bright yellow color flowers. It blooms at night giving out strong fragrance. Compass Barrel cactus is long curvaceous in structure with red ribs. It develops bell shaped flowers which are yellow and orange in color. Ferocactus are stern in looks with lengthy thorns and cylindrical structure. It has large flowers of 5-6 inches in diameter.
  1. Hedgehog cacti: Claret cup Hedgehog cacti have striking spines. It has spherical structure and develops crimson red flowers abundantly. It is widely grown flowering cactus that usually blooms in summer. Rainbow cacti are of another type that has short spines and red, white bandings that appear in cluster. Its flowers are pinkish in color which grows on top of each stalk.
  1. Prickly pear cacti: Bunny Ears cactus has thorny pears, which grow on flat ground. They have minute uprising with huge, flat, elliptical and gaudy yellow color flowers. Their stems are spherical, green and grow up to height of 2 feet. Grizzly bear cactus achieves distinctive shape when fully grown. This flowering cactus has large cushioned arrayed structure with white spikes. It bears yellow flowers.
  1. Rain forest cacti: This type includes Holiday cacti which bloom during the spring season. It bears flowers when plant attains the age of one or two year. Its stalk is small and smooth shaped. Orchid cactus grows in high temperatures that vary from 45-75 degree F.
Taking care:

While watering the flowering cactus, drench the soil in the pot till its roots. It helps in absorbing the water sufficiently. Resting season for night blooming cactus is usually in winter and for day bloomers is during late summer. In this duration, it requires only little quantity of water. To boost blooming, add a dose of low nitrogen feed in the last week of February and in first week of November. Never feed the plant in December or in January. Keep the plant in a place where they can receive ample of sunlight. An individual can also keep the plant under artificial lights. Night temperatures have to be maintained between 55 to 60 degrees only. Else buds of flowering cactus drops off that hinder blossoming.