Cactus Tree Pride of the Desert

Cactus tree is a North American pride of the desert. These trees have beautiful blooms which are as varied as they are lovely. In addition, they thrive in the harshest of conditions without a decline in the popularity. Cacti trees are the largest of all varieties of cacti from the saguaro to the Joshua tree. However, more than the size, it is the woody barks of the cactus, which makes people, believe that it is a tree. Cactus tree has the amazing capability of surviving through some of the roughest weather conditions that mankind knows. At daytime, the cactus tree withstands temperatures in excess of 100 ° F and below 25 ° F during the shade.

On some occasions, the night temperatures during the coldest months drop well below zero degrees. And in all of these, the cactus tree still survives. It uses its shallow root system to survive the adverse summer heat. The cactus tree roots don’t bury themselves deep in the ground. This permits them to instantly absorb small amounts of rain, which fall periodically. In addition to the roots, even the folds in the cacti trunk absorb water. The spines of the cactus tree absorb rainwater into the upper part of the cactus trunk.
Some Amazing Facts about Cactus Tree:

The most amazing part about the cactus tree is that, it not only sustains itself in extreme heat, but also manages to survive during extreme cold periods as well. In winter, the cactus tree goes dormant and mostly survives by transforming the water deposited in the trunk into a gel like substance. It is this gel, which behaves as an anti-freeze. It is because, this gel is similar to that found in the aloe plant leaves. They help in providing protection against the unpleasant cold. There are some varieties of cactus trees, which survive cold winters only if they are dry. Cactus tree cannot withstand snow and winter rain. In case of wet weather, the cactus tree deteriorates quickly.

Christmas cactus:

Another such instance of cactus is the Christmas cactus, which normally blooms during the winter period when normally the weather is cold. The moment they are exposed to rain or snow, they deteriorate quickly and their roots decompose. No doubt, the cactus tree is one of the most astonishing plants on earth. Most cactus trees have a long dormancy period and a short growing season. For instance, more than 3000 liters of water are absorbed by a fully grown cactus tree in ten days flat. This mainly helps the cactus to form new roots speedily. The reason for such high absorption rate is the high concentration of salt in the root cells.